Where Everybody Knows Your Name

three women sitting on grass
Photo by Luis Quintero on Pexels.com

In the 80s there was this popular sitcom we used to watch called Cheers and the chorus of it’s theme song went like this:

Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name
And they’re always glad you came
You want to be where you can see
The troubles are all the same
You want to be where everybody knows your name

As I grow older, I find myself relating to these lyrics, going to familiar places where I am known. Sometimes you just don’t feel like having all eyes on you  when you walk into a place – especially when you are not a slay queen or an instagram influencer seeking attention.

It’s nice to go a restaurant where the waiter knows my favourite seat, or a salon with a hairdresser who is familiar with my inability to keep my head still when doing my hair. It’s my pedicurists I feel sorry for paa, they usually have to contort their bodies in various angles while trying to paint my toenails since my feet are usually moving or resting at an unusual angle.

We often complain about bad service and not enough is said about good service because it is expected. However for someone as fussy as I am when it comes to service, I have a number of places where I get service worth writing about.  A few of them are below:

  • A&C Mall: God knows, I have had so many fights with their security men about disabled parking that when they see my car, they remove the security barrier for disabled parking, questions unasked. My haunts there are usually Max Mart and NAYA. At Max Mart, staff are pleasant, helpful and talk directly to me. On my lazy days, I send my driver into NAYA to call the sales girl to the car and do my shopping from the car.
  • Ernest Chemist (East Legon Branch): Security men are very pleasant and helpful, and usually rush to open the door even when I am far enough for it to take a minute or two for me to reach it. There was a day we entered the shop and my driver needed to use the restroom, the security guy at the door followed me with a basket to do my shopping until my driver came back.
  • Stanbic Bank (Stanbic Heights and East Legon) : Very helpful customer service /relationship managers  who make the banking process a relatively easy one. They accommodate my special needs and sometimes go the extra mile to help me out.
  • Black Cotton Natural Hair Salon: I go there every 6 weeks to retwist my sisterlocks.. and I have been going there consistently for over 7 years. Never been tempted to go anywhere else for retwisting…
  •  Tersy Beauty Salon and Spa:  For me to go all the way to Agbogba to style my hair should tell you something about my stylist. Dela is very innovative when it comes to styling locs and natural hair.
  • Head2Toe Spa:  Where I go for mani-pedis and threading of eyebrows. I do my mani-pedi there because of Mabel, who knows how to do an impressive pedicure for someone with CP who can’t keep her feet still.  Most often, they have to follow me to the car with the nail polish because my fingernail polish usually gets smudged when I hold my crutches to walk outside. When it comes to the eyebrow threading, Nijon manages to get it done perfectly despite the jerky head movements and facial contortions.
  • Jamrock: Staff are very pleasant and helpful and of course, the Madame herself  – Eliza is such a lovely person, who is willing to help out in anyway she can, and very receptive to criticism.
  • Cafe Jackie Dee:  The owner – Liza has a welcoming personality and will offer various suggestions if you are in two minds over what to eat.
  • XO Restaurant and Bar: Well trained, pleasant and helpful waitstaff.
  • Clean Eats Restaurant: Quick and efficient service, and the owner, Abynnah usually comes up with various suggestions when I am indecisive.
  • Sunshine Salad Bar:  Well trained, pleasant and helpful waitstaff.

This list is in no way exhaustive and I will write a part 2 as time goes on. Some of the places listed are not wheelchair accessible, but can be accessed on crutches.



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